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These stainless steel tanks are manufactured to engineered specifications in an isolated controlled environment. All material is carefully prepped to ensure a uniform stainless steel bead of weld is applied.
Both interior and exterior of the tank is visually inspected of all workmanship. Final manufacturing process includes an acid bath to remove any impurities, and pressure testing of the tank.
Stainless steel tanks will provide many years of maintenance free, storage of your valuable fertilizer. These tanks are capable of storing Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Sulphur. The exterior of a stainless steel tank looks appealing and will not need painting or repairs of nicks that will occur with other materials. Also the interior will only need periodic cleaning from foreign material that may come with the fertilizer. You will not need to be concerned with flaking, cracking, splitting, or fibres coming off the walls of a stainless steel tank.  
Insist on superior storage. Insist on stainless steel.
  • Made from 304 stainless steel, to handle the safe storage of highly corrosive fertilizers
  • 24" Manway for easy access to interior of tank
  • 4" vented dome cap
  • 10 degree slope on dome
  • Two - 4" FPT  one discharge port, and one recirculating port
  • 3/4" sight gauge tube labelled with volume, with stainless auto shutoff valve
  • Lifting Lugs
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Manufactured to engineered specifications
Model          Height        Width         Capacity/CDN Gallon  US Gallon          Tonnes
SSK1620      23'6"           16'                         25,630           30,750               148 t.
SSK1625      28'6"           16'                         31,890           38,268               184t.
SSK1630      33"6"          16'                          38,160           45,700               220 t.
SSK1635      38'6"          16'                          44,240            53,304               260t.
SSK1640      43'6"          16'                          50,680            60,750               294 t.
SSK1835      38'6"          18'                          56,300            67,560               325 t.
SSK1840      43'8"          18'                          64,230            77,076               370 t.
SS Tank
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